Barcelona, 2003. Probably the most singly inspired point in my life as far as my arts goes. The watercolor Barca is from then,as well as some more great works on paper that I will post up at some point.Through Syracuse, I did this study abroad at the Fundacio Centre de Vidre. An amazing glass school, one of the best in Spain.

The two types of pieces that make up the set result from happy accidents. It is not glass blowing. They were cut by hand for the triangular things and using a drill press for the circles. Then tack fused together. Real simple compared to a lot of the stuff people do.

The forms are both natural and urban...the idea of blurring the line appeals to me. I get a lot out of arranging them, especially because the photos can be quite beautiful in their own right.

Even though I consider myself a painter, I often feel like this is my best work. That's why I'm taking another similar studio at the Crucible in West Oakland this summer. I will let you know how it goes.

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Marjorie said...

"Barca" is cool. It reminds me of Barcelona for some reason.